Don't Be Fooled...Not All Kettle Corn is the Same!

It's true!  Before opening our business we made it our mission to sample several varieties of Kettle Corn.  We were amazed at all the different types being offered.  We knew at that point we could definitely make a quality product that our customers would love!

Sweet-D-Licious Kettle Corn, LLC provides a truly great tasting Kettle Corn.  We use only premium quality ingredients to produce the best Kettle Corn around.  We have worked very hard to produce a product that is guaranteed to please.  One bite and you will be hooked!

Kettle corn is a light, sweet and salty, delicious snack that is definitely a healthier alternative to most other snacks.

You will be able to find Sweet-D-Licious Kettle Corn, LLC at many of the fairs, festivals and special events in Indiana, Kentucky and Illinois. Kettle corn is also great for corporate functions, trade shows, fundraisers and more.  Click on our fundraising link to find out more about our commitment to our area communities and schools in their fundraising efforts. 

2700 E State Rd 64
Winslow, IN 47598

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